Epidural Products and Trays

Epidural Trays

BD offers a wide choice of component options that can also save up to 10% on your continuous epidural tray costs. BD epidural trays feature a variety of epidural needle and catheter styles and feature new BD Spirol and Stingray components.


Advanced Technologies for Easy, Safe Placement and Connection



SPIROL® Epidural Catheters and STINGRAY® Catheter Connectors are available in several standard BD Continuous Epidural and Combined Spinal / Epidural Trays or, if you prefer, you may customize a tray to meet your specific requirements with the BD Build-a-Tray Program.

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BD Epidural Trays


Continuous Epidural and Single Shot Trays

  • Full line of standard trays available
  • The BD customized tray program provides only  what you need, reducing waste and lowering inventory
  • Wide array of precision components and accessories available
  • All trays contain prep section, povidone iodine topical solution and fenestrated drape. Sharps stick pad and adhesive bandage not included in BD Single-Deck configuration

Product Literature

Epidural Needles

BD epidural needles are available in two configurations:

BD Perisafe Tactile Tuohy Needle


BD Perisafe™ Tactile Tuohy Epidural Needles

  • Secondary bevel point geometry is specially designed to provide more tactile feedback during procedure1
  • Shorter point length than standard epidural needles designed to further minimize accidental dural puncture
  • Available in Tuohy and Weiss (fixed wing) configurations
  • Needle gauges 17 and 18 G.
  • Needle length 3½ in.
  • Needles sold separately

BD Perisafe Modified Tuohy Point Needle


BD Perisafe™ Modified Tuohy Point Epidural Needles

  • Standard epidural needles are slightly sharper than tactile needles for penetrating tough tissue
  • Needle gauges 17, 18 and 20 G.
  • Needle lengths 2 in., 3½ in. and 5 in.
  • Needle heel is specially designed to minimize catheter shearing
  • Calibrated needle depth markings assist in awareness of needle placement without interfering with tactile feedback
  • Unique one-piece plastic stylet is fitted to prevent tissue coring
  • Needles sold separately

Other Tray Components


Plastic LOR Syringe

Loss of Resistance (LOR) Syringe

  • BD Epilor™ Plastic LOR Syringe has a double ribbed stopper designed to prevent leakage during aspiration.
  • Available in Luer Lok™ and Luer Slip configurations.
  • Needles sold separately.
Glass LOR Syringe
  • Glass LOR Syringe has smooth plunger movement designed to facilitate location of the epidural space.
  • Available in Luer Slip (metal or glass tip) and Luer Lok™ (metal tip) configurations.
  • Syringe not sold separately. Available in trays only

1, 2: Data on file at BD.

Spirol and Stingray are registered trademarks of Epimed International, Inc.