Sharps Disposal

BD™ Sharps Collectors

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As safety-engineered controls, sharps collectors play a pivotal role in preventing needlestick and sharps injuries for healthcare workers.  BD™ offers a comprehensive array of sharps collectors to meet the needs of individual healthcare facilities.

BD™ sharps collectors are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed guidelines for safe sharps disposal.  Our sharps collectors are durable, stable, closable, as well as leak proof and puncture resistant.  Additionally our containers facilitate one-hand disposal, guards that prevent hands from accidental entry and handles for safe transporation.  BD has a vast amount of experience in conducting safety audits for healthcare facilities to ensure the correct placement of sharps collectors for optimal and safe disposal of sharps.

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Cat.# Description Packaging
300475 5.1L Point of Use, Horizontal Entry 12/Case
300974 5.1L Point of Use, Horizontal Entry 20/Case
303050 7.6L Point of Use, Horizontal Entry 10/Case
303051 11.3L Point of Use, Horizontal Entry 10/Case
305447 Locking Wall Bracket 10/Case
305017 Patient Room Cabinet 1/Case
305409 Bracket 10/Case
300450 3.1L Nestable, Inner Liner (Yellow) 36/Case
305469 3.1L Nestable, Inner Liner (Clear) 36/Case
300439 7.6L Nestable, Funnel Cap 24/Case
300443 13.2L Nestable, Open Cap 20/Case
300434 22.7L Nestable, Point-First Vertical Entry 12/Case
300483 22.7L Nestable, X-Large Funnel Cap 12/Case
300436 Physician Office Safety Kit 1/Case
300438 Physician Ket Refills 6/Case
300988 13.2L Funnel Cap 20/Case
305494 Security Padlock 12/Case
305475 Wall Cabinet 12/Case
305485 Wall Mount Bracket 12/Case
300459 6.6L Chemotherapy, Plug Cap 12/Case
300162 10.3L Chemotherapy, X-Large Plug Cap 12/Case
300161 18.7L Chemotherapy, Plug Cap 12/Case
305497 Quick Release Bracket 12/Case
305495 X-Large Security Bracket 12/Case
367220 13.2L Phlebotomy 20/Case
367224 3.0L Phlebotomy 30/Case
367216 1.0L Phlebotomy 60/Case
305451 Tray Bracket 12/Case
300460 1.4L One-Piece, Funnel Cap 36/Case
300462 1.4L One-Piece, Plug Cap 36/Case
300466 3.1 Funnel Cap 24/Case
300452 10.3L X-Large Plug Cap 12/Case
305579 34L collector 8/Case
305647 72L collector 5/Case
305567 Foot Operated Trolley for 34L collector 1 Each
305612 Foot Operated Trolley for 72L collector 1 Each


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