Why choose BD Cato™ medication workflow solutions?

The state of IV compounding: It's time for a new standard

Today's hospital pharmacy administrators are faced with multiple interconnected challenges1,2:

  • Improving medication safety and quality of care
  • Streamlining operations to reduce cost
  • Advancing pharmacy practices to meet changing times

Evidence suggests room for improvement in IV compounding workflow

Dose variations with the visual-based volumetric method for chemotherapy compounding have been documented as follows:

  • Dose variations ranging from -64.9% to 94.2% were recorded4
  • Nearly 13% of preparations failed to meet the 10% acceptable tolerance threshold4

BD Cato™: Where safety meets efficiency

BD Cato™ Medication Workflow Solutions is a software system that was developed to advance the process of IV compounding. With its real-time gravimetric and bar code verification—in tandem with a step-by-step guidance system—BD Cato™ is designed to simultaneously minimize errors while improving efficiency.

Medication Safety—Designed to minimize probability of errors in IV compounding through a combination of gravimetrics and bar code verification

Workflow Efficiency—Standardizes workflow and enables pharmacists to eliminate redundant steps to help
reduce costs

Inventory Optimization—Helps reduce waste by optimizing use of drugs in the preparation of IV admixtures

Documentation, Compliance, and Analytics—Documents every step to enable compliance and leverages data analytics to monitor productivity in the clean room

Support for the use of gravimetrics is gaining momentum

  • ASHP and USP <797> support the use of gravimetrics as a validation technique in the IV compounding process5,6
  • Latest guidelines from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) state that at a minimum, both barcoding and gravimetrics should be used when preparing chemotherapy and ideally, for pediatric CSPs7
  • ISMP recommends utilizing IV workflow technology for all compounded admixtures8

BD Cato™: Step-by-step guidance for your clean room

BD Cato™: Elevating the standard in IV compounding

BD Cato™ Medication Workflow Solutions is designed to minimize the probability of errors in IV compounding through the use of an interactive display, bar code scanner, and gravimetric scale.

  • Market-tested product with more than 200 global customers
  • Robust interface engine that enables data import and export
  • 24/7 technical and customer support

Medication Safety

  • Uses real-time gravimetric verification that alerts pharmacist of potential errors
  • Features bar code technology designed to detect dosing errors related to incorrect selection of drug, diluent, and final container
  • Calculates drug and diluent quantities needed to compound prescribed admixtures
  • Provides immediate notification of errors and provides steps on how to correct a mistake
  • Verifies that doses are prepared within institutional tolerances
  • Enables pharmacist to verify admixture preparations remotely
  • Does not print patient label until all steps are completed correctly
  • Allows pharmacist to view final label and validate that admixture was prepared correctly

Workflow Efficiency

BD Cato™ Medication Workflow Solutions can help you improve your pharmacy's workflow efficiency in various ways:

  • Standardizes IV compounding processes through structured and uniform protocol
  • Helps reduce the number of manual quality-control checks that may be required in the preparation process
  • Captures digital data on preparation times and drug waste to help you identify and analyze areas where improvement is needed

Inventory Optimization

  • Helps track and manage your inventory— including partially used vials—to minimize waste
  • Determines and recommends the best vial sizes for preparation before your staff enters the clean room
  • May reduce waste of expensive drugs during the IV compounding process by minimizing workflow errors and reworks

Documentation and Analytics

BD Cato™ Medication Workflow Solutions provides automated data capture that enables documentation, compliance, and production analytics.

  • Provides fully automated documentation and a complete audit trail of each compounding procedure
  • Maintains a database of all prepared medications and features a bar code–based tracking system for easy access
  • Stores key preparation details, including actual dose used, preparer’s name, and products used, as well as each product NDC number, lot number, and expiration date
  • Offers step-by-step guidance and multiple safety checks to help you comply with the USP guidelines (<797> pharmaceutical compounding—sterile preparations)6

BD Cato™: Elevating the standard in IV compounding

  • Medication Safety
  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Documentation and Analytics

More than 15 million gravimetric doses compounded worldwide*9


  • Provides data messaging between existing HIS and BD Cato™ Medication Workflow Solutions software via HL7 interface


  • Comes with dedicated 24/7 technical and customer support
  • Backed by BD, a company dedicated for more than a century to helping all people live healthy lives

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*All admixtures prepared using gravimetric verification. Total estimated preparations, as of 9/30/14.

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