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BD in India - Diabetes Care Activities

BD Beat Diabetes Program 

  • 12 Indian volunteers with Type 1 and 2 diabetes are taking part in the “BD Beat Diabetes Program” (the “Program”) in Kanpur, India. “A Dream Team” comprising of three diabetologists/endocrinologists, a physical trainer and a dietician has been formed to provide the volunteers with diabetes the right resources and tools to help them self-manage their disease and stay in better control of their lives.
  • The Program was kicked off by a leading psychologist from Mumbai – Dr Dileep Panikker who is a corporate motivational speaker. Previously, he helped over 50 people with diabetes under the care of 3 leading diabetologists– Dr Rishi Shukla, Dr Deepak Yagnik and Dr S K Bhatter – to determine their own mental approach to diabetes and motivated them to “TAKE CHARGE” of their diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes.  The 12 Indian volunteers enrolled for the annual Program to “TAKE CHARGE” of their diabetes.  The volunteers’ HbA1c levels were recorded at the start of the Program, and all 12 had levels greater than 7.9.
  • HbA1c tests were repeated after 3 months, during which the BD team (Ritu and Arun Kumar Mishra) were in constant touch with the participants and their families, ensuring that they brought about the changes in lifestyles and diet that were needed.
  • The results of the Program (based on test reports conducted at Paliwal Diagnostics (P) Ltd., Kanpur, made available to us by the enrolled patients) were very encouraging - 9 volunteers had lowered their HbA1c levels by 0.5 or more points, out of which 5 had lowered HbA1c by a full 1 point. Out of these 9, 2 volunteers achieved ideal HbA1c levels of 6.5, starting from 9.5.
  • For the next 3 months, the group has been told that the BD team would not call them or follow up with them, and now they have to prove to themselves that they can maintain / improve HbA1c on their own, and ensure that the positive lifestyles get ingrained into their habits and daily life. 
  • We have created support groups within the team. Some of the participants have volunteered to mentor others in the group. The mentors would continue to inspire and motivate the others.
  • One persons’ comment that “BD has given me a new life” sums up the sentiments expressed by all 12 volunteers. We hope they will continue to show improvement in the coming months.