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BD PureCoat™, the next generation of advanced cell culture surfaces

BD PureCoat™


The next generation of advanced cell culture surfaces, BD PureCoat™ bridges the gap between “traditional” cell culture surfaces and natural substrates.


            The general situations where BD PureCoat™ will help are;


·     In serum-reduced, serum-free and defined media culture models

·     Post-thaw recovery of cells with poor attachment properties.

·     Cell based assays using transfected cells and wash steps

·     Primary cell culture

·     Neuronal cell culture

·     Mesenchymal stem cell culture.

·     Where an enhanced animal-free surface is required


BD PureCoat™ Amine is a positively charged surface with strong cell attachment properties. It provides similar or superior performance to PDL coated surfaces in applications such as transfected cells, neuronal cells and mesenchymal stem cells.


BD PureCoat™ Carboxyl is a negatively charged surface and provides more of a general purpose surface for cell recovery, attachment and proliferation in challenging situations such as reduced serum and serum-free conditions or primary cell cultures.


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