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BD Message Concerning Global Agar Supply

Over the past few weeks, concerns about a global agar supply shortage due to reduction in harvests from the specific seaweed used in its production have arisen. Recent articles in various news sources, including Nature, along with discussions on social media sites describe the potential impact of a shortage to microbiological laboratories.

BD has been actively monitoring this critical agar situation for the past two years and has been working in partnership with our network of global agar suppliers to assure not only continued supply, but a supply that meets BD quality requirements for our customers.

We are currently not anticipating any interruptions in supply. Reviewed continuously, our on-hand stock and incoming raw material deliveries are not expected to have any impact on our ability to produce and deliver dehydrated culture media or prepared media products to our current customers. BD has not instituted any restrictions on product sales to current customers and we are confident in being able to meet their anticipated demands. As with any new customer, we will review the requested demand to determine our ability to support both now, and in the future.

Should you have any immediate questions, please contact your BD Sales Representative or Distribution partner.

For additional information on BD's Commitment to Quality through our integrated supply chain, please visit: www.bd.com/ds/vertical.