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Announcing FDA clearance for the BD Viper™ System with XTR™ Technology

Are you achieving peak performance...reliably?

Is your lab operating at its peak performance?

Clinical laboratory testing plays an essential role in the delivery of quality health care, providing physicians with the objective data they need to promptly diagnose and effectively treat disease. It's estimated that lab testing impacts more than 70 percent of medical decisions. American Clinical Laboratory Association By equipping physicians with this critical information, clinical labs help to reduce overall health care costs and, ultimately, save lives.

This is a big responsibility - and one you take seriously. Whether you're working in a commercial or public health laboratory, you're committed to delivering value to your customers and your customers' patients. Still, laboratories tell us there is room to do better - to use their resources and budgets more wisely, to lower the cost per reportable, to maximize system uptime, and to increase overall productivity - all while maintaining high quality results.

What's standing in the way of your ability to achieve peak performance?

If you're like many labs, the answer is the capacity to do more with less, and yet somehow do it more reliably. Increasing financial and competitive pressures have added an additional layer of challenges, making it all the more important to work more efficiently, minimize waste, and reduce hands-on time.

What are the consequences when you add system failure to the mix?

If you're spending more time addressing system failures - trouble-shooting, ordering replacement parts, and scheduling service calls - than you are delivering quality test results, then something's wrong. Poor system reliability compromises your ability to meet your daily workload, let alone increase testing volumes.

How can you overcome these ever-increasing challenges?

Introducing the next generation BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology - delivering fully automated specimen processing, the least hands-on time for high-volume molecular testing, and Total System Integrity.

The BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology provides the consistent, reliable performance that is sought after in the industry today:

  • Fully automated specimen processing for all sample types provides maximum processing efficiency - up to 736 CT/GC results in an 8.5-hour shift.
  • Least total hands-on time - thanks to ease-of-use and walk-away automation - delivers efficient workflows to maximize laboratory resources while producing high quality assay results you can trust.
  • Total System Integrity assures reliability - in your system, in your reagents, in your results, and in your support.

With the BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology, you can be sure your lab is achieving peak performance, reliably.

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