What is Point-Of-Care Testing?

Point-of-care testing is when diagnostics tests are performed outside the central lab at or near the site where the patient is located in order to produce rapid results to inform treatment decision.

Our BD Veritor™ line of digital immunoassay products, the BD Veritor™ Plus System and the BD Veritor™ System give healthcare providers and laboratorians in near patient settings the objective, lab-quality tests results at the point of care within minutes. This assay system eliminates the subjectivity of visual interpretations of tests results and replaces it with an objective digital result.

Why test?

Millions of people are sickened by influenza in the U.S. each year.1 Additionally, most children will have respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) by the time they are two2 and 20 percent to 30 percent of sore throats in children are caused by Group A Streptococcus.3 The BD Veritor™ Plus System, with enhanced features, can aid in the diagnosis of these disease states.

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