BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube

Exceed your lab's goals with decreased turnaround time and increased operational efficiency

Laboratorians demand high quality, effificency and accuracy.  Understanding these needs, BD Diagnostics Preanalytical systems introduced the BD Vacutainer® Serum Tube (RST).

Offering You the Speed of Plasma with the Quality of Serum

Work-flow efficiency is critical to help decrease turnaround time and allows for processing of more specimens. The BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST) ensures fast laboratory turnaround, reduces the sample processing time and improves sample quality.

Improve Lab Productivity

High quality specimens with a significant reduction in hemolysis, fibrin and RBC** means fewer assay interferences and less instrument downtime.

Your STAT Solution

With a 5-minute clot time and 3-minute spin*, the BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST) can improve turnaround time by up to 32 minutes**

Standardize Chemistry STAT Testing to One Tube

Minimize the need to draw both a plasma and a serum tube, the BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST) offers the speed of plasma, with the quality of serum.

*At 4000g 
**Compared to control tubes, data on file

It is imperative to have fast and accurate test results to respond to medical emergencies. The BD Vacutainer Rapid Serum Tube (RST) offers high quality specimens which can help decrease turnaround time and allows for faster access to patients results.

When every minute counts

The BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST) can decrease turn-around by 32 minutes*

Diagnose with Confidence

Diagnose your patients with confidence using results from high quality samples

Accurate test results

High quality specimen with significant reduction in hemolysis, fibrin and RBC** means less assay interferences

Boost Patient Satisfaction

Timely medical intervention and emergency department discharge may boost patient satisfaction.

*Compared to control tubes. 
**Centrifugation at 4000g for 3 minutes. Data on file.

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