Caring for a Child with Diabetes

Growing up with diabetes is hard. But your child's tests and injections don't have to hurt.

Your child can live a normal life - yes, normal - as long as you, your family, and others learn to help manage his or her blood sugar (glucose) levels. Your household will just have a different definition of "normal."  When blood sugar levels are well controlled, your son or daughter can do anything anyone else does. Kids with diabetes ride bikes, play sports, swim, dance, date, grow up, get married, have children, grow old, have grandchildren - just like everyone else.

You will learn to balance healthful eating, exercise, monitoring blood glucose levels, and adjust insulin as you go with the help of your doctor and diabetes educator.  A bonus is that you may also improve the whole family's health with the lifestyle changes you will make in your household because of your child's diabetes.

Tips for Injection Comfort

For the greatest injection comfort, accept only BD Ultra-Fine™ syringes.

In a home usage study conducted by BD, 8 out of 10 insulin users agreed that the BD Ultra-Fine™ and BD Ultra-Fine II Insulin Syringes are the most comfortable syringes they ever used.

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