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FIT Canada Recommendations for Best Practice in Injection Technique 

Forum for Injection Technique (FIT) Canada is led by the Canadian FIT Board and proudly supported by BD - Canada.

  • Lori Berard, RN, CDE, FIT Board Chair - Winnipeg, MB
  • Françoise Desrochers, RN, BSc, Nurse Clinician - Montréal, QC
  • Allison Husband, RN, MN, CDE. - Calgary, AB
  • Gail MacNeill, RN, BNSc, MEd, CDE. - Toronto, ON
  • Rob Roscoe, BSc Pharm, ACPR, CDE, CPT. - Rothesay, NB

The Recommendations for Best Practice in Injection Technique will provide Canadian Health Care Professionals (HCPs) with evidence-based, best practice information for all those with diabetes using injectable therapies.  This will allow HCPs to help patients achieve the best possible health outcomes by ensuring that the dose is delivered in the right injection site, using the right technique, every time.  The recommendations are peer-reviewed and supported by the Canadian Diabetes Association and Diabetes Québec and endorsed by Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi Canada. 


FIT4Safety Recommendations for Best Practice in the Safe Use of Diabetes Sharps

The Canadian FIT4Safety Initiative has been led by the FIT4Safety Board:

  • Gail MacNeill BNSc, RN, MEd, CDE,  FIT4Safety Board Chair, Toronto, ON
  • Lori Berard RN, CDE, FIT Board Chair,Winnipeg, MB
  • Joyce Arsenault RN, BN, CDE, Montreal, QC
  • Kathryn DeCiantis RN, Toronto, ON
  • Sandra Dudziak NP, Toronto, ON
  • Lee Ann Trimble RN, BScN, CDE, Vancouver, BC
  • Sandy Koropas RN, CDE, Winnipeg, MB

FIT4Safety Canada will provide evidence-based best practice information to promote the safe and effective use and disposal of sharps used in the provision of care for people with diabetes. The goal of these recommendations is to protect all those at risk of needlestick injury by ensuring safe practice through professional and patient education, risk management and awareness training. 

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Patient Education

This tool and legend can be used to support effective communication with your patient as you teach proper injection technique.  The tool can be individualized for patients based on their experience level and needs.

Patient Education

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