Managing Diabetes with Pills

When your meal plan and exercise routine can no longer keep your blood glucose in target, your doctor may recommend that you begin to take diabetes pills.  Each type of pill works in a different way to lower blood sugar.  Some pills work to help your body use glucose better, others force your pancreas to make more insulin. They work to make your own insulin work better or to help your body make more insulin.  Together with your meal plan and exercise, they may help bring your blood glucose in target.

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Diabetes Pills

Many types of diabetes pills can help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood glucose. Each class of pill helps lower blood glucose in a different way.

Learn about the different types of diabetes pills

Combining Pills

If one diabetes pill alone does not lower your blood glucose enough, your doctor may; Ask you to take more of the same pills; Add a new pill or insulin; Ask you to change to another pill or insulin.

Learn about how pills are combined to better control diabetes