Central Hospital Pharmacy

We offer solutions tailored to your needs for the special challenges of medication management in hospitals - for maximum safety and cost efficiency.


CUBIE Replenishment System

Helps provide safe access of multiple strengths of the same line-item, reducing potential for medication errors during the medication refill and selection process.


Pyxis CIISafe™ system

Accurate and easily retrievable reporting data may help effectively manage controlled substance inventory. By providing automated tools for more effective controlled substance management, the Pyxis CIISafe™ system may help minimize costly reporting errors and increase tracking compliance.


Pyxis PARx™ system

Offers a closed-loop medication replenishment process to identify trends, reinforce standardized practice and reduce risk of diversion by monitoring the pick–check–delivery process to verify that the right medication gets to the right station.


BD Cato® medication workflow solutions

BD Cato® is an integrated software solution for chemotherapy that provides support throughout all stages of therapy: from long-term therapy planning to concomitant therapy to the preparation of cytotoxic drugs and other critical substances.


Rowa Vmax™

Intelligent storage and retrieval system for modern pharmacies. Optimizes medication storage and stock flow in dispensaries, increases security for the patients and improves the supply of the wards. Impressive Capacity - Maximum Speed - Innovative Picking Technology - High Flexibility - Assured Quality and Reliability.


Pyxis™ Enterprise server

Provides hospitals and health systems a scalable, flexible foundation for managing Pyxis ES technologies on a single database.


Rowa ProLog™

Fully automatic inputting system in combination with the Rowa Vmax™ to unlock further potential for efficiency in pharmacies. The Rowa ProLog processes 2D barcodes and round packs.


Rowa™ Refrigerator

Controlled storage of temperature sensitive medicines - fully automated, in combination with the Rowa Vmax®. The Rowa system recognizes at the point of stock input that the product requires refrigeration and stores it with high priority in the patented Rowa refrigerated unit.


Rowa™ Conveyor System

Individual conveyor technology by Rowa ensures quick, safe and quiet transport of medicines wherever needed. Extremely short routes with conveyor belts, spiral chutes, lifts, in combination with the Rowa Vmax™.


Rowa™ Add-ons

Customisation for even greater performance. Numerous additional options are available to raise the level of automation of your intelligent Rowa logistics centre – precisely tailored to the needs of the pharmacy.


Rowa™ Box System

Different components individually combined for automated ward box filling (inpatient): de-stacker, conveyor belt, roll conveyor, lift - all in combination with the Rowa Vmax™.


Rowa™ Smart System

We distilled the quintessence from 5,000 systems and more than 15 years of experience: the Rowa Smart system. Rowa Smart has everything you need for automated storage - no more and no less.

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

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