BD Intelliport™ Medication Management System

Manage IV bolus injections

The BD Intelliport™ Medication Management System incorporates automated barcode scanning, real-time flow sensing and wireless communication with a hospital electronic medical record (EMR) to automatically identify, measure and document IV bolus injections. This identification, measurement and documentation occurs at the point of administration in real time and as part of the clinician's natural workflow.

BD Intelliport injection site

This port attaches to a Y-site or stopcock on the IV line for manually administered IV bolus injections. It reads syringe barcode labels to determine drug and concentration, processes volume of medication injected and communicates with BD Intelliport tablet for automatic documentation of the injections.

BD Intelliport tablet and gateway

BD Intelliport tablet is a PC tablet with proprietary software that displays injection information, generates alerts, communicates with BD Intelliport injection site and transmits information wirelessly to BD Intelliport gateway. The gateway is a proprietary server software application that integrates with existing hospital information systems to transmit data to hospital records or printers.

BD Intelliport base and sensor

BD Intelliport injection site features BD Intelliport base, which is a nonsterile, resuable and rechargeable device, and BD Intelliport sensor, which is a single-patient-use sterile flow sensor that measures the volume delivered.

BD Intelliport syringe labeler

BD Intelliport syringe labeler is capable of generating syringe barcode labels for use with the BD Intelliport system. The labeler works where syringes are prepared and provides compatibility with the BD Intelliport injection site by printing and applying barcode labels to the tip of a BD Luer-Lok™ syringe or self-validated luer-lock syringes. It prints full-color syringe barrel labels based on Joint Commission NPSG.03.04.01, ASTM D4774 and ASA labeling guidelines.

Real-time technology

The BD Intelliport system provides drug identification that may help manage the risk of inadvertent substitution (syringe swap) errors; and dose measurement that may help identify and manage possible accidental dose errors—all in real time. Also in real time, the system enables drug allergy alerts that help manage the risk of allergy-related medication errors by pulling in allergy information from the patient's EMR and notifying the physician prior to administration.

Reduced manual documentation

Automatic documentation reduces manual documentation efforts as the system wirelessly sends captured information on drug, dose, time and route of administration directly into the patient's EMR.

Automated IV injection management with real-time feedback

Automated management provides audible and visual announcements of drug and concentration prior to the IV push; pulls any available information on patient drug allergies from the patient's EMR, including the allergy code/name, severity and reaction, and displays alerts.

Adaptability to existing hospital procedures

The system integrates into existing workflows; allows the use of pre-filled or hospital-filled BD syringes; and provides multiple user interface (UI) modes for different clinicians and hospital care settings.

Integration with existing equipment and information systems

The system interfaces with existing hospital information systems for automated documentation, charting and charge capture; and works with AIMS.

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