BD™ Precise kits

Obtain accurate, flexible assays built for your research, your way

The portfolio of BD™ Precise assay kits helps you overcome the limitations of other single-cell and bulk RNA quantification methodologies. BD Precise assay kits enable highly accurate RNA quantification with single cells or bulk RNA input and help you overcome limitations of other methodologies.

Reduced amplification bias

Patented, BD-designed Molecular Indexes enable highly accurate tracking and quantification of RNA transcripts.

Deeper insight with single cells

Phenotypic and transcriptomic data give you greater insights with combined BD Precise and BD FACS™ technologies.

Technical competence

The kits are backed by more than 40 years of experience in cell preparation, isolation and analysis to optimize your protocols.

Sample to sequencing in hours

The simple and quick workflow is compatible with all 96 well-equipped BD FACS platforms for enhanced single-cell analysis.

Patented Molecular indexing

The kits identify individual RNA transcripts to enable accurate sample quantification without bias from amplification steps.

Low input sample requirement

A sample input of about 10 pg per well is ideal for rare and precious samples, while still providing highly accurate quantification.

Counts for low-expressed genes

Quantification as low as 10 copies—compare gene expression over a wide, dynamic range for precise transcriptome analysis.

Multiple kit formats

Our kits are available for whole-transcriptome analysis or customized, targeted panels to meet your research needs.

Sample indexing

The kits identify target RNA transcripts of each cell and well from pooled 96-well plates to reduce sequencing costs.

Ordering Information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity
634100 BD Precise WTA kit for single cells 2 pack of 96-well plates
634411 BD Precise Targeted kit for single cells 5 pack of 96-well plates
634412 BD Precise Targeted kit for total mRNA 5 pack of 96-well plates
633555 BD Precise targeted plate indexing kit 12 indexes
661563 BD TuDoR tumor dissociation reagent kit 15 vials
634300 BD Precise custom assay pools Custom order
634303 BD Precise breast cancer panel Custom order
634304 BD Precise metastasis panel Custom order
634305 BD Precise MS panel Custom order
634306 BD Precise angiogenesis panel Custom order
634307 BD Precise IPS panel Custom order
634308 BD Precise DNA repair panel Custom order
634309 BD Precise renal cancer panel Custom order
634310 BD Precise stem cell panel Custom order
634311 BD Precise apoptosis panel Custom order
634312 BD Precise prostate cancer panel Custom order
634313 BD Precise immunology panel Custom order
634314 BD Precise cell cycle panel Custom order
633553 Custom gene panel redesign Custom order


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.