Prevail™ one-step iodine based preps

Prep skin quickly with povidone-iodine and alcohol in one step

Prevail and Prevail-FX one-step patient preoperative skin preparation applicators provide a proven, broad spectrum formulation of povidone-iodine (.83% available iodine) and 72.5% isopropyl alcohol in a one-step, 40 mL applicator. Use Prevail solution when ChloraPrep skin antiseptic is not indicated.

Liquid or gel formula

The proven Prevail povidone-iodine/alcohol formulation is available in a one-step applicator as a gel (Prevail) or a fluid-resistant liquid (Prevail-FX).

Easy application

After activating the applicator, apply a thin, even coat to the operative site. Do not blot; allow solution to fully dry.

Easy applicator activation

To activate the applicator, twist the applicator head and push down. Lightly squeeze the bottle to initiate the flow of solution.

Ordering information
Catalog no.Description
4VAIL Prevail one-step preoperative prep topical gel kit (0.5% available iodine and 62% ethanol)
4VAIL-FX Prevail-FX™ fluid-resistant one-step patient preoperative prep (0.83% available iodine and 72.5% isopropyl alcohol)

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