Soft tissue biopsy

Obtain soft tissue with efficiency

We offer biopsy products that can help you quickly and efficiently obtain precise soft tissue samples. We also offer helpful resources on soft tissue biopsy for both physicians and patients.

Patient information

We supply resources that support patients in their decisions on soft tissue biopsy.

Physician information

Our resources support physicians for soft tissue biopsy procedures.


Achieve™ automatic biopsy device

This lightweight, automatic biopsy device is spring-loaded for fast, accurate penetration, precise control and quality samples.


Adjustable Coaxial Temno™ biopsy device

The Adjustable Coaxial Temno biopsy device lets you manipulate the sample notch size from 9 to 19 mm for procedural flexibility.


FNA, Jamshidi™ Menghini and Tru-Cut™ biopsy devices

We offer additional products for biopsy, including fine needle aspiration (FNA) needles, Jamshidi Menghini needles and the manual Tru-Cut device.


Original Temno™ biopsy device

Our original Temno biopsy device helps you easily obtain reliable and precise sampling.


Soft tissue biopsy trays

Our soft tissue biopsy trays support various procedures.


Temno Evolution™ biopsy device

This device offers many of the original Temno features with the added benefits of ergonomic design and a 10 mm or 20 mm notch size for precise sampling.