Temno Evolution™ biopsy device

Experience an evolution in design, a revolution in performance

The Temno Evolution™ biopsy device features a compact, ergonomically contoured body and tactile-enhanced plunger to increase comfort and allow one-handed operation. Plus, the variable notch size (10 mm or 20 mm) provides clinical flexibility.

Variable notch size

Two notch sizes, 10 mm or 20 mm, provide precise sampling for various biopsy procedures.

Compact, ergonomic design

The compact body, tactile-enhanced plunger and soft, pliable finger grips increase comfort and allow one-handed operation.

Super-sharp four-bevel tip

This needle tip allows quick, easy penetration. The bevels also help the device track straighter than a traditional bevel design.

Coaxial introducer

This option allows multiple sampling from one percutaneous puncture with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Coaxial spacer

This allows accurate placement of the biopsy needle when using the 1 cm option with the coaxial introducer.

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