BD Cato™ medication workflow solutions

Reduce risk of pharmacy compounding errors and improve workflow efficiency

BD Cato™ solutions standardize compounding processes such as order review, medication picking and dose preparation to improve med safety and pharmacy workflow.

Gravimetric verification

Real-time (weight-based) gravimetric verification alerts pharmacists of potential errors.

Barcode automation

Barcode verification helps detect errors related to the incorrect selection of a drug, diluent and final container.

Electronic documentation

The system supports compliance by providing an automated audit trail of each medication compounding procedure.

HIT interoperability

HIT interoperability facilitates order importing, dose queue management and inventory tracking in the preparation area.

Improved medication preparation safety

The system verifies doses are prepared within institutional tolerances and provides real-time notification of errors.

Streamlined pharmacy workflow

The system reduces manual quality-control checks and provides guidance steps on how to correct drug compounding mistakes.

Remote visibility

The optional camera-based hardware enables remote documentation of vial, syringe and IV data during gravimetric steps.

Reduced waste

The system helps track and manage inventory, while optimizing utilization of partial drug vials and returned admixtures.

Improved formulary and user management

CareFusion SmartWorks platform enables formulary interoperability and system-wide user management.

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