BD BACTEC™ blood culture media

For use with BD BACTEC™ instrumented blood culture systems, the BD BACTEC line of blood culture media permits screening for microorganisms present in blood. The line includes standard broth media, resin-containing Plus media and lytic media designed for optimal recovery of anaerobes.

Resin media

Our patented BD BACTEC resin media have been shown to effectively neutralize a wide variety of antibiotics, allowing growth of microorganisms that may not occur with conventional media. This greater recovery leads to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, which can in turn lead to shorter hospital stays, lower patient costs, and greater overall laboratory and institutional efficiency.


BD BACTEC™ Peds Plus™ medium

BD BACTEC Peds Plus medium is a specialized medium containing resins that neutralize antibiotics, designed for low-volume pediatric and nonpediatric draws.


BD BACTEC™ Plus Aerobic medium

BD BACTEC Plus Aerobic medium can support the growth of common aerobic organisms. It is designed to neutralize antibiotics present in the sample.


BD BACTEC™ Plus Anaerobic medium

BD BACTEC Plus Anaerobic medium can support the growth of anaerobic organisms, and contains resins to neutralize antibiotics and increase recovery.


BD BACTEC™ Lytic Anaerobic medium

BD BACTEC Lytic Anaerobic medium supports the growth of anaerobic organisms. This unique medium contains a lysing agent to lyse both red and white blood cells, releasing any intracellular organisms.


BD BACTEC™ Standard Aerobic medium

BD BACTEC Standard Aerobic medium is an enriched soybean-casein digest broth for recovery of aerobic organisms.


BD BACTEC™ Standard Anaerobic medium

BD BACTEC Standard Anaerobic medium is designed to recover anaerobic microorganisms from blood.