BD Cell Culture Media

BD offers speciality media products to help customers achieve optimal production yields while minimizing media development time lines. Our catalog media are nutrient rich and designed to specifically increase production and titer in large-scale biopharmaceutical applications.

BD Cell media

Products are designed for high density growth of hybridoma cell lines and has been shown to work with growth in other cell types. These products are especially useful in converting adherent cell lines to suspension cell culture.

BD Select media

Products are designed for large-scale production of CHO and other mammalian cell culture applications.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (each)
220513 BD Cell MAb Medium Animal Component Free 1 L
220511 BD Cell MAb Medium Quantum Yield 1 L
220253 BD Select CHO 1 L
215204 BD Select CD100 1 L
220509 Serum-free media 1 L

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