Industrial microbiology

BD Life Sciences – Diagnostic Systems is dedicated to providing the most relevant, rapid, high-quality microbiology solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, food and beverage producers, personal care product manufacturers and academic institutions. With more than 180 years of microbiology experience, BD offers traditional and rapid microbiology solutions for bioburden, sterility, objectionable organisms or pathogens, identification and environmental monitoring.


BD BBL™ isolator pack plated media

BD BBL isolator pack plated media come in gamma-irradiated packs for isolator systems.


BD BBL™ prepared plated media

BD BBL chromogenic water testing and BD RODAC™ and BD RODAC™ Snap Lid prepared plated media and contact plates are for the isolation of microorganisms from industrial microbiology samples.


BD BBL™ sterile pack plated media

BD BBL sterile pack plated media for critical environments are validated to performance and sterility.


BD dehydrated culture media and additives

BD supplies greater than 400 different BD Difco™ and BD BBL™ brand media formulations and ingredients in dehydrated form.


BD sterile pack bottles

BD sterile pack bottles are terminally sterilized inside autoclavable double bags, resulting in an environmental contaminant-free bottle exterior.


BD sterile pack swabs

The BD sterile pack swab is a ready-to-use sterile swab in a pre-filled tube of rinse solution for surface and equipment sampling.