Capillary collection

Make every drop count

At BD, we understand the microcollection challenges that surround you. Our BD Microtainer® product offerings include microtubes for automated process, contact-activated capillary collection lancets and heel lancets for infant blood draw.


BD Microtainer® blood collection tubes

BD Microtainer blood collection tubes, designed for ease of use, help ensure that a quality capillary blood sample is collected.


BD Microtainer® contact-activated lancet

The BD Microtainer contact-activated lancet is the next generation of safety-engineered lancets, designed with a positive patient experience in mind.


BD Microtainer® MAP microtube for automated process

The BD Microtainer MAP microtube for automated process is the first one-piece-instrument–compatible microtube.


BD Quikheel™ infant safety lancet

The BD Quikheel infant safety lancet helps maximize blood flow and minimize pain when performing heel sticks on newborns and babies.