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Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about the BD Integra™ Syringe. Most likely you’ll find what you need here, but if not, please contact BD Customer Support at 1.800.817.1702 or use our online form to request further information or to have your local BD Sales Consultant or BD Distributor Sales Specialist contact you.

Q:  Why doesn’t the needle automatically retract when activated inside the patient?  

A:  If the BD Integra™ Syringe is activated before the needle is withdrawn from the patient, the needle may begin retracting as the syringe is pulled away from the patient. This is due to the  needle withdrawal force (from the patient) exceeding the needle retraction force (into the syringe).   

All retracting devices have the potential for this delayed retracting effect when activated in the patient. The frequency of occurrence is dependent upon the factors which define the withdrawal force and the retraction force. Factors which define the withdrawal force could be the (1) type of injection (ID, SubQ, etc.), (2) individual characteristics of the skin/tissue being injected, (3) length and gauge of needle, etc.  

For the BD Integra™ Syringe, the retraction force is primarily defined by the spring force. The BD Integra™ Syringe utilizes a lightweight spring which reduces the needle retraction speed. Some competitive designs may have a quicker needle retraction speed, but this is mainly due to a larger, heavier spring.  

Q:  Will the BD Integra™ Line include 5 mL and 10 mL syringes?  

A:  The BD Integra™ Syringe line will not include 5 mL and 10 mL retracting syringes, because clinicians typically do not use these sizes for skin injection but are used for Blood Draws and Aspirating Fluid. BD offers other safety solutions for these types of applications.  BD does not recommend using the BD Integra™ Syringe for Blood Drawing or Aspirating Fluid.  

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