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BD Q-Syte Luer Access Split Septum

Image of BD™ Blunt Plastic Cannula

BD Blunt Plastic Cannula

The BD Blunt Plastic Cannula is a truly universal cannula and can be used with all types of split-septum IV injection sites and vials designed for needleless access. It provides simplified access to the Interlink injection site with smoother insertion, reduced penetration force, and greater fluid dispersion.

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Image of BD TwinPak™ Dual Cannula Device in hand

BD Twinpak™ Dual Cannula Device

The BD Twinpak is a truly universal IV access device, offering two methods of performance over traditional stand-alone devices. It features two cannulas in one shield; one red hub cannula for syringe filling and one clear, blunt plastic cannula for safe split-septum access. The BD Twinpak helps to streamline IV workflow. It is designed to reduce the number of individual pieces, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

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