• "We've been watching the development of this technology with anticipation...we think it has potential to both improve patient care by improving medication safety, and at the same time smoothing documentation workflow."
    — Warren S. Sandberg, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University
    School of Medicine in Nashville, TN
  • Frost & Sullivan applauds BD for breaking new ground with first-of-its-kind medication safety solution for IV bolus injections.

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  • New study reveals 1 in 2 operations results in a medication error and/or ADE;
    1/3 of medication errors led to observed patient harm.1
    1Nanji KC, Patel A, Shaikh S, et al. Evaluation of perioperative medication errors and adverse drug events. Anesthesiology,
    V 124 • No 7
  • Review the latest publications, best practice guidelines, and live webinars
    and recordings on perioperative medication safety.

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The BD Intelliport™ System delivers:

  • Real-time drug identification that may help manage the risk of inadvertent substitution (syringe swap) errors
  • Real-time, dose measurement that may help identify and manage possible accidental dose errors
  • Real-time drug allergy alerts that help manage the risk of allergy-related medication errors by pulling in allergy information from the patient’s EMR and notifying the physician prior to administration
  • Automatic documentation that reduces manual documentation efforts and improves accuracy by wirelessly sending captured information on drug, dose, time, and route of administration directly into the patient’s EMR

How it works:

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Before you push, know the facts:

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