Benefits of Working with BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems

Reach Into BD Medical - Pharmaceutical System’s wealth of support each step of the way

At BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems, the true value we bring to our customers goes beyond our extensive product offerings. We provide the benefit of our years of prefill expertise, our in depth knowledge of drug development trends and a proficiency in designing innovative technical solutions to address your individual needs and concerns.

Compatibility Testing to Mitigate Risk

Ensuring compatibility of your drug with container components is a critical and essential part of the drug development process. That is why BD insists on providing rigorous compatibility testing of container packaging components long before they get to market. Our internal standards are as stringent as those of regulatory bodies worldwide—ensuring the integrity of your product throughout the drug development process.

Global Reach and Capacity

With offices in more than 50 countries, BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems has both the understanding and familiarity of the global marketplace and the manufacturing capabilities to ensure supply continuity. Our understanding of regional healthcare needs, local manufacturing requirements and government regulations minimizes the risk of introducing your drug into a new or unfamiliar market. In addition, having multiple worldwide manufacturing facilities means that BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems is equipped to meet your production demands.

Thorough Processing Expertise

During any stage of processing— from start-up to routine production—BD’s thorough understanding of the filling process can optimize your operations. Whether it is the choice between contract and internal filling, or between conventional and barrier isolation systems, you can count on BD's expertise in processing technology and filling economics to recommend the solution that’s right for you. BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems' components are fully-validated to ensure optimal performance during the manufacturing process.

Cross-Functional Project Team —

A Dedicated Team That Mirrors Yours
For every key member of your organization involved in bringing your product to market, BD has a counterpart on hand to offer unparalleled functional support.

Risk Mitigation

Thanks to its global plant and associated suppliers network, BD can contribute to improving your operational effectiveness by maximizing your security of supply. We can offer various BCP (Business Continuity Planning) solutions granting you double and dual sourcing options. We can also help improve your Total Cost of Ownership by minimizing inventory through optimized and reliable supply flow customized to support your inventory strategy and storage constraints.

Complying with International Quality System Standards

All BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems plants are certified according to international quality standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Because our staff is trained in cGMP standards, audits are facilitated and enhanced. Customers have an audience who understands their questions and can provide the answers they need.

Global Harmonization of Quality Systems

BD provides a multitude of products to the market, including more than 2 billion syringes per year through multi-site sourcing.

BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems has seven plants worldwide, all of which are aligning standardized quality systems and organizational tools. This ensures consistent quality and reporting at every site and provides all our customers with the same high-quality products. It also facilitates our customers' audits and site validations.