Glass Prefillable Syringe Systems

BD Hypak SCF™ Glass Prefillable Syringe Systems

Available in 0.5 – 20 mL

BD Attached Needle Solutions:

BD Hypak Physiolis syringe


BD Hypak Physiolis™
Glass Prefillable Syringe

  • Combines a 29 Gauge, 1/2 inch 5 bevel thin wall needle and a new needle shield material that preserves the needle point integrity
  • Delivered Sterile, Clean and ready to Fill (BD SCF™)
  • Clinically proven to decrease pain perception by 40% and improve skin penetration by 70%*

Hypak syringe with fixed needle



BD Hypak™
Glass Prefillable Syringes with Fixed Needle

  • Wide range of needle gauges and lengths tailored to specific drugs and routes of administration
  • Needle shields available in a range of rubber formulations
  • May be delivered with BD™ Rigid Needle Shield (RNS):
    • Rigid polypropylene cap over rubber needle shield for easier and safer handling
    • Ensures proper deshielding
    • Exclusive technique for the placement and control of the needle shield
    • Available in 13.0 mm (1/2'') and 16.0 mm (5/8'')

BD Luer Products:

BD Hypak Luer Lok Tip


BD Hypak™ PRTC
Glass Prefillable Syringes with Luer-Lok™ Tip

  • Plastic tip cap with easy twist-off mechanism designed for Luer-Lok™ prefillable syringes
  • Compatible with conventional and safety-engineered needles
  • Delivered Sterile, Clean and ready to Fill (BD SCF™)
  • Luer-Lok™ Adaptor in polycarbonate to ensure proper connection with hypodermic needles

Hypak Luer CCT syringe



BD Hypak SCF™
Luer CCT Glass Prefillable Syringes

  • Designed for use when a luer slip tip is required
  • Delivered Sterile, Clean and ready to Fill (BD SCF™)
  • Tip caps ensure the sterility of the luer tip syringe and the complete closure of BD Hypak™ syringes

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