Safety and Shielding Systems

At BD, we are committed to supporting your safety and shielding system needs.

Regulations are tightening

Concerns about the growing risks and costs of needlestick injuries are causing both government and industry to act with increased oversight and more stringent legislation.

For pharmaceutical companies, navigating the growing list of regulations is time-consuming, complex and costly. And, understanding these requirements can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is crucial to meet these requirements and choose the right anti-needlestick technology for your injectable drug.

Why choose BD?

  • Expertise and skilled consultation to guide you through product launch and beyond
  • A wide array of prefillable drug delivery, safety and shielding systems to meet your drug's requirements
  • Proven technology with extraordinary commercial success
  • Multifaceted service that utilizes in-depth industry knowledge
  • Dedicated teams and comprehensive cross-functional support

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BD Safety & Shielding Systems Product Line

BD provides a broad range of safety and shielding systems to meet your drug needs: from simple manual needle guards to advanced safety systems that also provide injection support for self-injecting patients. These systems are compatible with ISO glass standard prefilled syringes,such as the BD Hypak™ or BD Neopak™ Glass Prefillable Syringe.

BD UltraSafe Plus™ Passive Needle Guard
  • Needlestick safety device with advanced, one-handed passive activation
  • Suitable for high viscosity drugs and self administration with manual injection control
Add-On Finger Flange for BD UltraSafe Passive™ and Plus™ Needle Guards
  • Preferred by self-injecting patients
  • Simple snap-on fit
BD UltraSafe Passive™ Needle Guard
  • Easy to use one-handed passive activation,needlestick safety device
  • Highly customizable for brand differentiation
BD Preventis™ Shielding System
  • Needle shielding system with reliable, one-handed controlled activation
BD UltraSafe™ Manual Needle Guard
  • Needlestick safety device with simple-to-implement, manual activation

Additional options for luer-based syringes

BD Eclipse™ Shielding Hypodermic Needle
  • Single finger stroke activation,no hard surface required
  • Compatible with any size of conventional or prefilled syringe
BD SafetyGlide™ Shielding Hypodermic Needle
  • BD Activation Assist™ allow for fast and easy single handed needle shielding
  • Compatible with any size conventional or prefilled syringe