Self-Injection Systems


BD Intevia™ Disposable Autoinjector – NEW

Are you pushing the limits of viscosity with your chronic disease therapy?

The BD Intevia™ autoinjector is now available for development. A two-step, push-on-skin, 1 ml autoinjector designed to deliver a broad range of viscosities.

  • Designed especially for high viscous drug delivery
  • Integrates reliably with BD Neopak™ prefillable syringes
  • Enhances the patient experience with feedback indicators in a unique design
  • Strongly supported by BD’s clinical injection and drug delivery expertise

BD Intevia™ is a product in development; some statements made are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties.

BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector

A disposable autoinjector for prefilled syringes, designed to be used by patients.

  • Designed with extensive patient input and rigorous human factor studies, BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector has received the Ease of UseSM Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation®.
  • The BD Physioject™ autoinjector fully integrates the BD Neopak™ 1mL long glass syringe or the BD Hypak™ for Biotech 1 mL long glass syringe to ensure optimal system functionality


Patient Benefits

  • Easy to handle and use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple one-button activation
  • Disposable
  • Provides confirmation for increased confidence
  • Large viewing window gives visual
    confirmation of end of injection
  • 360° view of the drug and injection process
  • Designed for patient safety
  • Needle is automatically protected after injection

Pharmaceutical Customer Benefits

  • Customizable
  • Injection rate customized to drug therapy
  • Customizable in colors and design
  • Easy to assemble (2 assembly components)
  • Fully integrated system for optimal functionality
  • Extensively tested via market research and clinical studies

Details and Specifications

  • Designed for 1 mL long prefilled syringe
  • Subcutaneous injection

BD is committed to excellence in autoinjector design, and has various projects currently under development. To learn more, contact a BD self-injection expert.

*Products with the Arthritis Foundation®’s Ease of UseSM Commendation are tested and proven to make daily tasks easier. Learn more at

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