BD pharmacy products include the BD PhaSeal™ closed-system drug transfer device, designed to increase the safety of pharmacy and nursing staff and the efficiency of pharmacy operation.

BD Pharmacy Solutions

BD PhaSeal™ Closed-System Drug Transfer Device

Airtight and leakproof to protect your staff from hazardous drug exposure during preparation, administration and disposal.

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BD Cato™ Medication Workflow Solutions

An integrated software system that streamlines hospital pharmacy medication preparation using gravimetric verification.

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NEW BD Enteral Syringe with BD UniVia™ connector

Non-luer compatible BD UniVia™ connection designed to reduce risk of tubing set misconnection

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BD Medication Preparation Products

Designed to help facilitate compliance with the standards defined in USP Chapter 797.

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BD Pharmacy Disposal Solutions

Chemotherapy and pharmaceutical collectors for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste.

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MSS0408 7/13