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BD Helping Build Healthy Communities is a multi-year initiative that expands access and improves care for underserved and vulnerable populations. The initiative, funded by BD and implemented together with Direct Relief and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), provides awards to clinics and community health centers (CCHCs) delivering innovative models of care, in addition to addressing local resource constraints through an expanded syringe donation program.

Addressing an Unmet Need

Throughout the U.S., 23 million people are medically underserved and receive healthcare at one of more than 2,400 CCHCs.[i],[ii],[iii] These providers operate with limited resources, using creative and innovative techniques to provide high-quality primary, preventive, and comprehensive care to the nation’s most vulnerable people. More than 7 million people are without health insurance, and at least 20.4 million have an earned income of 200 percent below the Federal Poverty Level.[iv]

The number of people who receive care at CCHCs dramatically increased in recent years due to loss of insurance or limitations to coverage, and volume is expected to grow further. Serving this low-income and uninsured or under-insured population requires dynamic strategies that improve access to care, reduce health disparities, and increase awareness and information about healthy practices.

Initiative Details

  • The initiative reflects a commitment of approximately $5 million in cash and product from BD, in addition to strategic support from all organizations over four years.
  • In 2013, the initiative’s pilot year, awards of $100,000 each were given to two CCHCs. Zufall Health Center in Dover, New Jersey, received an award for its innovative approaches to diabetes management, and The Children’s Clinic in Long Beach, California was given an award for its multi-disciplinary approach to increase cervical cancer screening rates. Future years will focus on HIV prevention/detection and populations at high risk of developing co-morbidities.
  • The initiative includes an expansion of BD's existing syringe donation program with Direct Relief, started in 2009, which facilitates distribution of the syringes to appropriate CCHCs to help them care for their patients with insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • BD and Direct Relief made a 2013 Clinton Health Matters Initiative Pledge that addresses immediate resource needs related to diabetes through the deployment of medical supplies, and contributes to sustainable change by developing a knowledge-base for future solutions.

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