Scope of Contributions

BD funds initiatives that encourage collaboration, create opportunities for innovation and promote the sharing of knowledge. Because the company's financial contributions are strategically focused to support programs that help us achieve our goals, we are unable to respond to unsolicited proposals.

There are four ways BD supports the non-profit community by providing financial resources. These are: Paper Figures

BD Global Healthcare Fund

Through productive partnerships with non-profit organizations, the BD Healthcare Fund provides support to programs that address unmet health care needs and support our goal, which is to help all people live healthy lives.

As with all BD programs, this fund is designed to produce maximum impact with finite resources. For this reason, our focus is on strategic initiatives and activities in keeping with our areas of medical and technological concentration, as well as our commitment to preventative and public health care. Our focus areas include:

  • Healthcare delivery programs that emphasize effective prevention and disease management; Scientific or educational initiatives that lead to affordable, technology-based healthcare solutions;
  • Innovative educational programs that emphasize learning to improve healthcare.

Grants awarded include these components, as appropriate:
  • Promote effective use of technology Demonstrate measurable results Plan for strategic sustainability
  • Foster creative alliances and partnerships

Please note additional BD Global Healthcare Fund restrictions:
    As a general rule, BD does not provide support for fund-raising events, preferring to donate directly to health care programs and operations. Specifically excluded are contributions to support workshops, sporting events and dinners. Funding is provided to qualified charitable/non-profit organizations only. Proposals are solicited by invitation only.
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BD Local Initiatives Fund

As a global company with associates and facilities in more than 50 nations around the world, BD is committed to active corporate citizenship.

The BD Local Initiatives Fund provides support to nonprofit organizations serving communities where BD associates live and work. The BD Local Initiatives Fund is a vital element in our comprehensive giving program. Its goals are to enhance the quality of life in communities where BD has a presence, as well as to address local needs, support employee interests and concerns and build community resources. Through this nonprofit fund, we partner with organizations to establish creative collaborations in the areas of health, education, arts and culture, social welfare and community development.

BD locations in the United States and Puerto Rico maintain programs through the BD Local Initiatives Fund. Grants vary according to the interests and concerns of local sites and communities and the involvement of BD associates. Financial support is just one component; product donations, gifts-in-kind and volunteer services complete this comprehensive local giving program.

Please note additional BD Local Initiatives Fund restrictions:
    The Fund provides financial support directly to the underwriting of programs and operating costs and does not normally provide funding for event-driven activities. Please note that funding is provided to qualified charitable/non-profit organizations only.
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BD Matching Gifts Program

This program recognizes that every one of us, in community service as well as in business, can make a difference through volunteer efforts and personal donations. Through the BD Matching Gifts Program, the company matches donations made by eligible individual BD associates and retirees to a wide range of nonprofit charitable organizations that meet program guidelines. In addition, for these nonprofits, BD will also match specified hours of volunteer service with a financial donation. Thousands of gifts are matched each year to support hundreds of nonprofit efforts in the areas of health, environmental protection, arts and culture, social welfare, education and more.

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BD Product Donation Program

BD manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices and diagnostic systems used by healthcare professionals, medical research institutions, industry and the general public.

Because our products are indispensable to human health, BD works closely with international nonprofit agencies and organizations to achieve humanitarian goals through in-kind and product donations. This charitable distribution is an important component of our comprehensive philanthropy program.

To ensure that donated BD products reach those areas where their distribution is most critical, the company relies on the expertise and experience of several U.S.-based, non-governmental relief organizations. Through these established relationships with our nonprofit partners, BD is able to deliver millions of dollars worth of vital products not only to address the critical needs arising in emergency situations, but also to support health care services that meet the ongoing needs of at-risk populations.

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