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BD Affirm™ VPIII Microbial Identification Test Kit, Vaginitis

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BD Affirm™ BD MicroProbe™ Processor (220/240 Volt)

» Translating the power and the precision of DNA probe technology into better patient care.     » Translating the power and the precision of DNA probe technology into better patient care.

From the complex mixture of cellular material found in a vaginal sample, only DNA probe technology has the power to selectively target organisms by their genetic “fingerprints.”

Processing a single sample, the BD Affirm™ VPIII Test uses complementary sequences of DNA that bind or hybridize only with the nucleic acid of targeted organisms. This hybridization reaction is both highly sensitive and specific, and results in the simultaneous detection and identification of multiple pathogens through clearly visible color reactions.

By helping the clinician more precisely match treatment with the disease, the BD Affirm VPIII Test offers an important aid to better laboratory practice and better patient care.

  • Objective Differential Results for Three Vaginitis Pathogens

Rapid, easy-to-read results.
Objective differential detection and identification.
Positive and negative procedural controls in every test.

  • Simple, Convenient Procedure

Easily reproducible by all laboratory technologists.
Requires no advanced training.
Less than 5 minutes total hands-on time plus walkaway convenience.

  • More Sensitive and Specific Than Traditional Methods

Up to 30% more sensitive than microscopy.
Reports only clinically signifi cant levels of organisms.

Equivalent to clinically signifi cant culture for Candida, Scored Gram Stain for Gardnerella and Diamond’s culture for Trichomonas.