BD CytoRich™ System

BD CytoRich™ Preservative is an ethanol based fixative system that is used to collect, preserve, hemolyze, transport and transfer cytology specimens to a glass slide.

The BD CytoRich™ system can be used for the following specimen types:

  • Washings
  • Brushings (and other abrasive collection methods)
  • Body fluids (hypercellular, hypocellular, bloody or neat)
  • Sputums
  • Aspiration Biopsies

BD CytoRich™ non-gyn preservative is available in two types:

BD CytoRich™ Red Preservative*

  • Solubilizes protein and lyses red blood cells.
  • Excellent for fine needle aspirations.
  • General Non-Gyn cell preservation.
  • Extended sample stability.

BD CytoRich™ Blue Preservative*

  • General Purpose Cell Preservative.
  • Excellent for Urine and non-hemolytic samples.
  • Recommended for use as a general cytology preservative.

*The BD CytoRich™ Preservatives are not approved for use in the replacement of cervical Pap smear preparations.

For more information on BD CytoRich ™ Non-Gyn, call your local BD Diagnostics- TriPath representative or call 1.866.TRIPATH.