BD Cell Enrichment Process

The BD SurePath™ Cell Enrichment Process helps ensure pre-cancerous cells will not be lost from sample to slide.

trapped debris is removed BD SurePath™ enriched cell pellet BD SurePath™ enriched
cell pellet
See a larger image of how the density gradient used in the BD SurePath™ proprietary Cell Enrichment process can remove debris.

BD SurePath™ Pap test provides significant advantages for your practice.

The BD SurePath™ proprietary Cell Enrichment process separates and reduces obscuring debris (e.g. blood, mucous) and inflammatory cells, providing better visualization of clinically relevant cells.

BD SurePath™ is the only Pap test available today with a FDA approved 64.4% increase in HSIL+ detection*.
1. After the first centrifugation, debris are trapped then removed, enriching the clinical materials in the sample. BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test
2. After the second centrifugation, an enriched cell pellet of clinical material is produced. Up to five slides can be made from the BD SurePath™ enriched cell pellet.

*Compared to conventional Pap smear. See BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor product insert, direct to vial study population, Table 26. Note: Site to site variations in performance are expected.
Each lab must carefully monitor quality of its work.


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