Redefining the early detection and clinical management of cancer.

BD Diagnostics - TriPath:
Women’s health is our primary focus.

BD Diagnostics - TriPath has developed and continues to develop solutions that:

  • Identify women with cancer at the earliest possible stage of the disease.
  • Provide women and their physicians with individualized predictive and prognostic information about disease state and outcome.
  • Help guide the treatment selection based on advanced diagnostic techniques.
  • Help predict disease recurrence.

We provide effective tools for your health care provider to screen for cervical cancer and pre-cancer lesions. The earlier a cancerous condition can be identified, the greater the chance for successful treatment. Our BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test is one example of the advanced diagnostic tools available to your healthcare provider today.

The BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test

  • 64.4% increase in HSIL+1 lesions detection in comparison to the conventional Pap smear.
The BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap Test
  • Allows physicians to perform Pap tests in a wide variety of situations in which non diagnostic cells obscure the sample (e.g. mucous and inflammation) with maximum confidence in the result due to the proprietary BD SurePath™ Cell Enrichment process used in the lab.

BD SurePath™ Pap test has a unique, easy to use collection technique that standardizes the collection process and ensures 100% of the collected sample is sent to the laboratory for processing. No diagnostic cells are discarded in the office, as is true with “rinse and swish” systems, which on average can result in the loss of 37% of the collected sample during cell transfer3.

The BD Diagnostics - TriPath complete cytology solutions for the lab together with BD SurePath™ will assist in giving your healthcare provider accurate results. For you, that means fewer unnecessary repeat tests and confidence in your test results.

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