Please use the following instructions for obtaining MSDS information.

Step 1: Using the following table, please locate the product's catalog number.

You will need this for Step 2.
Product NameCatalog #
BD CytoRich™ Blue Preservative490509
BD CytoRich™ Red Preservative 490508
BD CytoRich™ Yellow Preservative490636
BD PrepStain™ Alcohol Blend Rinse         490506
BD PrepStain™ Cytology Stain Kit490536
BD PrepStain™ Density Reagent490521
BD PrepStain™ Hematoxylin Stain - 0.5490537
BD PrepStain™ Hematoxylin Stain - 0.75490536
BD ProEx™ C Reagent (ICC and IHC)490502
BD SureDetect™ Counterstains:
  Bluing Agent 490500
BD SureDetect™ Detection Reagents:
  Peroxidase Block490501
  Protein Block490501
  Mouse Probe 490501
  Polymer Reagent 490501
  DAB 490501
  DAB Substrate Buffer 490501
BD SureDetect Slide Preparation Buffer 10X 490512
BD SureDetect™ SiHa Cell Controls 490503
BD SurePath™ Preservative Fluid490507

Step 2: Visit the BD Regulatory Documents Website at
Step 3: At the website, under "Search for MSDSs", type in the product catalog number and click the "Add MSDS" button.
Step 4: Under "Selected MSDSs", click on the product catalog number and download the MSDS sheet to your desktop. MSDS sheet will be in Adobe PDF format.


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