BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System

The BD FocalPoint™ GS (guided screener) Imaging System is the new location guided screening system from BD Diagnostics - TriPath. By combining the only approved automated primary screening system, digital imaging, and an easy to use automated microscope, abnormalities are located quickly and accurately. Location guided screening is accomplished using the BD FocalPoint™ GS microscope accessory, which guides the user through the relocation workflow.

The BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System identifies up to 25% of processed slides as NILM (Within Normal Limits) while also providing the electronic capability of locating diagnostically relevant locations on the non-NILM slides for triage screening.

Triage screening is accomplished using the BD FocalPoint™ GS workstation platform, a computer system linked to an automated microscope. After reading a slide barcode, the microscope automatically positions the slide at the first relevant location identified by the BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System. A user activated footswitch or mouse click moves the microscope to the next position until all locations are screened for suspicious cells or features.