BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap Test

The time is right for the BD SurePath™ test.

BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test  

Only BD SurePath™ Collection means 100% of the collected
cervical sample gets into the vial.
Step 1: Collect

Collect the cytology sample using either a broom-like device or combination brush/spatula with detachable heads.
BD SurePath™ Collection process or BD SurePath™ Collection process
Step 2: Drop

Drop the detachable head into the BD SurePath™ vial.
BD SurePath™ Collection process
Step 3: Send

Place the cap on the vial and tighten. Send the BD SurePath™ vial to the lab for processing.
BD SurePath™ Collection process

All BD SurePath™ collection devices have easy-to-use detachable heads to ensure 100% of the collected sample is sent to the laboratory for processing, reducing the risk of missing abnormality due to discarding the sample during sample transfer.

Swish-and-swirl techniques can result in discarding a significant part of the cervical sample collected, which could mean the difference between observing an abnormality and missing it.

Clinical News

Independent study on the effect of blood on cellularity of cervical sample.

BD SurePath™ Pap test Direct to Vial Clinical Study.

Study shows that rinsing sampling devices does not transfer all the sampled cervical cells to the vial for analysis.