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Cancer Diagnostics

1 - Cervical Cytology
     BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System

     BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor

     BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test

     BD Totalys™ MultiProcessor - Advanced Automation in Cytology and Molecular Sample Preparation

2 - Molecular Oncology
     BD ProEx™ C Reagent


1 - Preventing the spread of drug-resistant bacteria : Rapid molecular assays
     BD MAX™ C Difficile

     BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial

     Introducing BD MAX™ MRSA XT with eXTended Detection Technology

2 - Reliable detection, identification and screening with BD BBL™ CHROMagar™ Products.
     BBL™ CHROMagar™ Family of Products

3 - Integrated Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Diagnostics
     BD - Bruker distribution agreement


     BD Phoenix™ Emerge

     BD Phoenix™

     BD Phoenix™ ASSIST

4 - Efficient communication tools for laboratory and hospital
     BD EpiCenter™

Growth & ID/AST

1 - Specimen Preparation
     .. About Specimen Preparation

     BD EpiCenter™ - Take the Right Decision

     BD Innova: Spreading Laboratory Efficiency

     BD Phoenix™ AP - Mastering all your ID-AST testing procedures from first to last step

     BD Phoenix™ Panels - Real MIC Testing

2 - Result Delivery
     .. About Result Delivery

     BD EpiCenter™ - Take the Right Decision

     BD Phoenix™ Automated Identification & Susceptibility Testing


1.1 - Dehydrated Culture Media & Additives »
     .. About DCM & Additives



1.2 - Media and ingredients »
     Chemically Defined Products

     Meat Peptones and Media

     Media for media fill


2.1 - Aseptic Plated Media »



     Quad plates

     Special Format

2.2 - Sterile Plated Media »
     Isolator Pack XT plated media

     Sterile pack plated media

2.3 - Bottle and Tube Media »
     Bottled media for industrial microbiology applications

     Prepared tubed media

3.1 - Gas generating systems »
     GasPak EZ™ - Easy as 1, 2, 3

4 - Stains and Reagents »
     About Stains and Reagents


     Gram Stain (Kits)

     Reagents, buffers and enzymes

     Stains and Indicators

5 - Identification & Quality Control Products »
     Automated BD Phoenix™ System equipment

     Automated BD Phoenix™ System reagents

     BBL™ Crystal™ Identification Systems

     BBL™ Dryslide™

     MICROTROL™ Quality Control Organisms

In relation to medicinal products »
     Active & Passive Air sampling

     Cleaning validation

     Direct inoculation

     Media Fill

     Membrane Filtration

     Most Probable Number (MPN) Method

     Pour Plate Method

     Spread Plate Method

     Surface Sampling

     Test methods


1 - Blood Culture Systems
     BD BACTEC™ FX 40 Instrument

     BD BACTEC™ FX Instruments - Impacting Patient Care

     BD BACTEC™ Media

     BD Vacutainer® Safety solutions for blood collection

2 - Information Management System
     BD EpiCenter™: Improving Efficiency and Patient Care via Real-Time Communication

Sexually Transmitted Infections

1 - BD Viper™ XTR System »
     A solution to a pressing clinical need.

     Instrumentation & Accessories

2- BD Affirm™ VP III Microbial Identification System »
     Collection & Transportation Devices

     Instrumentation & Accessories


     Translating the power and the precision of DNA probe technology into better patient care.


1 - Mycobacteria Testing Systems »
     BD BACTEC™ MGIT™ Automated Mycobacteria Testing

     BD EpiCenter™ TB-eXiST Extended Individual Susceptibility Testing

     Manual - BD BBL™ & BD Difco™ DCM & Enrichments for Mycobacteria Testing

     Manual - BD BBL™ Prepared Media (PPMs & Tubes) for Mycobacteria Testing

     Manual - BD Mycobacteria Specimen Collection, Processing & Staining

     Manual - BD Sensi-Disc™ for Mycobacteria Susceptibility Testing

     Manual - BD Taxo™ Identification & Differentiation of Mycobacteria

     Manual BD MGIT™ (Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube) Products