Diversity Inclusion

A Great Place to Work

A key component of our journey to becoming a great company is our commitment to global diversity and inclusion.

Diversity is a descriptor; it speaks to how we look and how we are perceived, and it is an attribute of every individual.

Inclusion refers to the climate or culture of the Company, and it is intended to foster our associates' sense of being valued for their uniqueness, contributing creative ideas, seeking challenges, and focusing on meeting and exceeding business and individual objectives.

Our Global Diversity Inclusion Leader directs a Diversity Inclusion Steering Committee comprised of members of our Senior Leadership team who oversee implementation of our Diversity Inclusion strategy. Our approaches and initiatives are designed with global application in mind for all BD associates, regardless of where they happen to be located. Localization for a region's needs is critical and is accomplished in alignment, with universal messages and learnings.

Learn more about BDs commitment to Diversity and Inclusion through the following programs:

  • Our Global Diversity Inclusion strategy is closely aligned with our Talent Management strategy of attracting, engaging, building, leveraging, and retaining the diversity of talent necessary to achieve our strategy of innovation, operational effectiveness, and strengthening organizational and individual capability.

    Creating a diverse, inclusive environment is an important part of BD's culture.

  • At our global headquarters in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, we offer the Associate Networking Group- Network XYZ . The goal of the network is to support BDs talent management efforts by providing a forum for a multi-generational workforce that:

    Stimulates professional and social networking,
    Creates a sense of community and belonging,
    Offers a unified voice in identifying and addressing challenges, and
    Fosters career development in order to increase individual and organizational performance.
  • Objective Based Mentoring is a planned and facilitated partnership that focuses on helping our associates obtain specific objectives over a designated period of time. In addition, several forms of informal mentoring are widely spread throughout the company globally.

  • As a global company, celebrations vary by country and region. BD provides the flexibility for associates to decide how they want to educate and engage their fellow co-workers in celebrating the richness of our diversity. Throughout the year, groups of associates around the world volunteer their time and talent to acknowledge various cultures and religious and national holidays. Celebrations have included International Womens Day and Diversity Inclusion Week.

  • Through our internal BD University we offer a cluster of Diversity Inclusion related courses:

    Diversity Awareness 2 day workshop
    Working Globally 1.5 day workshop
    Understanding and Flexing Your Work Style 1.5 day workshop
    Valuing Diversity 5 hour workshop
    Coaching For Impact - 1.5 day workshop

    Through our internal BD University we offer a cluster of Diversity Inclusion related courses:

  • Our purpose of advancing the world of health includes supporting our associates in living holistic and healthy lives. At our global headquarters a Quiet Room is available to all associates desiring a quiet place for a few moments of contemplation, reflection, meditation or personal prayer during the business day. One can also find a quiet place in our Singapore location.

  • The BD Supplier Diversity Program covers the Companys United States and Puerto Rico operations, and supports BDs efforts under its Small Business Subcontracting Plan to source supplies (including finished goods, parts and raw materials) and services from qualified suppliers that meet our high quality standards and fulfill our materials, supplies, and service requirements.

    BD encourages Small Business participation in its sourcing endeavors and strives to provide an equitable opportunity for qualified Small Businesses to compete for new and re-bid purchases. The BD Company Procurement department, in collaboration with its Government National Accounts department, is leading this effort with the support of senior management through the Leadership Team.


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