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BD Nano and Patient Comfort

Pain from injection devices is affected by needle length, diameter, needle polishing, lubrication, and needle tip geometry. Did you know 47% of people with diabetes would be more likely to administer their injections regularly if a product was available that would ease the pain and discomfort of injections.1 72% of patients who tried the new BD Nano preferred it over their current pen needle.2

Laboratory testing demonstrated a significant 23% reduction in average penetration force for the new 5-bevel vs current 3-bevel pen needles. When asked to test a new pen needle at home, patients rated the 5-bevel needle significantly more comfortable, easier to insert, preferable, and less painful.4

% of subjects who selected the 3- or 5-bevel needles after home use for ease of insertion, comfort and preference#

BD Nano just got better with PentaPointTM

BD Nano has been shown to be less intimidating. 3

  • 88% of the patients reported feeling “not at all anxious” after seeing the 4mm pen needle

BD Nano is proven less painful. 3

  • In a clinical trial, 64% of patients found the BD Nano to be more comfortable than both the 5mm and 8mm pen needles

BD Nano enables greater site flexibility and site rotation for ALL patients. 4

  • BD Nano is easier to teach, learn and use.
  • Allows for a single-handed, no-pinch technique, which:
    • is easier and more convenient because it eliminates a step in the injection process
    • makes it easier for patients to inject in areas that are hard to reach when using two hands, such as the back of the arm and the buttock
  • So short that patients can confidently inject in areas that have less fat, such as the outer thigh.

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1. AADE Injection Impact Survey, 2007. 2,3: Data on file 4. Hirsch LJ, Gibney MA, Albanese J, et al. Comparative glycemic control, safety and patient ratings for a new 4 mm x 32G insulin pen needle in adults with diabetes. Curr Med Res Opin. 2010; 26 (6): 1531–1541.