Insulin Syringe Prescribing Information

There are three things to consider when prescribing an insulin syringe:

1.  First, choose the syringe barrel based on the patient's dose.

Choose the smallest syringe that will hold the dose. The smaller the syringe barrel, the clearer the scale markings... a help to diabetes patients with vision problems.

Use this barrel size... With this dose range...
3/10 mL (cc) 30 units or less
1/2 mL (cc) 31 to 50 units
1 mL (cc) 51 to 100 units

If the patient's largest dose is close to the maximum syringe capacity, choose the next syringe barrel size.

2.  Second, choose the syringe needle length

BD offers a choice of lengths: 6mm (15/64"), 8mm (5/16"), also called "Short", and 12.7mm (1/2")

Many users feel that shorter is more comfortable.

Obese patients should test their blood glucose more frequently when switching from the 1/2" needle to the shorter 5/16" needle.

3.  Then, choose the needle gauge.

The higher the gauge number, the thinner the needle. For example, a 31 gauge needle is thinner than a 30 gauge needle.

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For patients using short needles and taking VERY small doses that are measured in half-units, prescribe the BD Ultra-Fine 3/10 mL (cc) Short Needle Syringe with half-unit scale markings.