BD AutoShield™ Duo Safety Pen Needle

The one safety pen needle
that fits all your needs.

Fits all pens and offers the
highest level of protection.

BD AutoShield™ Duo delivers everything you need in an insulin safety pen needle.

  • For reliable insulin delivery, it’s the 5mm pen needle that consistently delivers subcutaneous injection and less risk of IM injection(10)
  • For cost reduction & flexibility, it’s the only safety pen needle that works with every pen - so you only need one pen needle
  • For peace of mind & total protection, it allows for a no pinch up, single-handed injection technique and complete passive protection
Before Use: Outer shield covers needle. After Use: Both needle ends automatically protected

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Insulin is a frequently given injection, and clinicians need to perform injections correctly, quickly and safely. The new BD AutoShield™ Duo is the only safety pen needle that provides a 5mm size allowing for safer, no pinch up, single-handed injection technique regardless of patient Body Mass Indices
(BMI). BMIs tested range from approximately 25 to 62 Kg/m2.

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Pharmacy wants to ensure that ordered medications are delivered and act as expected. The new BD AutoShield™ Duo minimizes IM injection, provides a simpler injection technique and features compatibility with all diabetes pens on the market.



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