BD Magni-Guide™ Device


The BD Magni-Guide™ device works as both an insulin syringe scale magnifier and a needle guide.

It is designed to offer both dexterity benefits (for those who need help stabilizing the syringe and insulin vial while injecting) and magnification benefits (for those who need help reading the scale on the syringe).

This device is manufactured for people who have difficulty reading the scale on the syringe and need help in stabilizing the syringe and bottle of insulin.

It magnifies the scale 1.7 times for easier reading.



How It Works

The insulin vial snaps onto the end of the BD Magni-Guide™ device. 

A groove in the device allows the needle to be easily guided into the vial stopper.

The BD Magni-Guide™ device not only helps you hold the syringe and the vial together, but also magnifies the syringe scale 1.7 times for easier reading.

NOTE: Insulin vials of different manufacturers are different sizes:

  • The BD Magni-Guide™ device works as described above with vials from Eli Lilly.
  • Novo Nordisk vials fit the BD Magni-Guide™ device tightly and may cause the device to crack.
  • Sanofi-Aventis vials fit the device loosely and therefore the user needs to stabilize the vial with their hands.

All BD products can be purchased at pharmacies. If the BD Magni-Guide™ Device is not on the shelf, it can be ordered by the pharmacist. Prices at pharmacies vary.

This product can also be purchased online at,, and other online pharmacies.

If you have difficulty obtaining this product, contact our Consumer Services department toll free
at 1-888-BDCARES (1-888-232-2737), Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.


BD Catalog # NDC/HRI #
328233 08290-3282-33


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