LabNotes - Volume 15, No.1, 2005    Special Edition

Introducing... BD Quality Management Initiative

Navigating today's complex clinical landscape by Ensuring the Highest Level of Excellence for Our Products, Services, and Programs

BD works relentlessly for quality in everything we do. We incorporate quality practices in the engineering and manufacturing of our products to ensure our customers the highest level of quality available today for diagnostic testing. We also apply the same rigorous practices to our customer service and professional support programs.

Utilizing Six Sigma methodology, we strive for perfection and excellence. Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach for eliminating errors and defects in the production and delivery of goods and services. Using the Six Sigma measurement-based strategy helps us to achieve our two main objectives for making quality happen – process improvement and variation reduction.

In addition to the Manufacturing for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma methodologies, BD utilizes other processes for planning, directing, measuring, and controlling quality; they include:

  • Robust Design Controls

  • Process Validation

  • Critical Parameter Management

  • Control Plan Management

Our quality commitment, however, goes even further. BD practices the Lean Daily Management System and Supplier Management to maintain high standards and performance controls for our products. And through our continuous improvement initiatives, BD steadfastly monitors and measures quality every step of the way. We discover opportunities for further improvement, and determine ways to reduce or eliminate the potential for error.

In complement to our Continuous Quality Improvement, BD has developed a Customer Advisory Board and the BD Instrument Company Liaison Team to actively identify and understand challenges in diagnostic testing and develop practical solutions to continuously ensure quality, accuracy, and consistency.


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