Urine Collection

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Urinalysis Products

Proprietary, non-mercuric preservative Urinalysis Preservative Tube formulation ensures specimen quality for up to 72 hours without refrigeration, which is critical to prevent bacterial overgrowth.  The Urinalysis Preservative Tube is also in compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the American Hospital Association which requires the elimination of all mercury waste in hospitals by the year 2005.

Added Benefits

  • INSTRUMENT COMPATIBLE - Clinically proven with the Siemens Clinitek® Atlas® series and Iris® Diagnostics instrumentation. Conical bottom tube is compatible with the KOVA® petter microscopic sediment analysis.
  • EASE OF USE - Evacuated system eliminates spills and hazardous pour-offs and provides leak-proof transportation within pneumatic tube system, while minimum and maximum fill lines (7mL - 8mL) ensure proper additive to urine ratio.
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Microbiology Products

BD Microbiology Collection products contain a buffered boric acid formula that maintains urine for up to 48 hours at room temperature. The preservative helps to prevent overgrowth without causing toxicity to existing pathogens.

Added Benefits

  • SAMPLE PRESERVATION - BD's lyophilized preservative (boric acid, sodium formate and sodium borate) maintains the sample integrity for up to 48 hours at room temperature.
  • EASE OF USE - Evacuated system with minimum fill line (3mL) ensures proper additive to urine ratio.
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