BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST)

The BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST) is a serum blood collection tube that clots in only 5 minutes, instead of the 30 minutes required by standard serum gel tubes, and can be centrifuged in as little as 3 minutes. Providing a significant advantage when timely decisions are necessary, such as in emergency room settings, the BD Vacutainer® RST offers you the speed of plasma with the quality of serum.

With the BD Vacutainer® RST, you can:

  • Decrease turnaround time and increase operational efficiency of the laboratory.

    Workflow efficiency is critical to help decrease turnaround time and allows for processing of more specimens. The BD Vacutainer® RST improves sample quality, reduces sample processing time, and ensures fast laboratory turnaround.

  • Improve patient management and satisfaction.

    It is imperative to have fast and accurate test results to respond to medical emergencies or maximize the patient encounter. The BD Vacutainer® offers high quality specimens and allows for faster access to patients’ results. Timely medical intervention may boost patient satisfaction.

  • Increase laboratory and medical facility profitability.

    The BD Vacutainer® RST can minimize waste and inefficiency in the laboratory by offering high quality specimens. Furthermore, by decreasing turnaround time, the BD Vacutainer® RST can improve timely access to test results which may aid in patient throughput and associated medical facility profitability.


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