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Tech Talk® is a news bulletin to address frequently asked technical questions, with a focus on reducing preanalytical variables.

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  • Second generation safety blood collection devices offer greater protection against needlestick injuries (NSIs).
  • What is the recommended procedure for handling and processing the PAXgene® Blood RNA Tubes? How long is the RNA stable in the sample?
  • What is the acceptable minimum draw volume for BD Vacutainer® Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes?
  • Why do platelets sometimes clump in EDTA Tubes?
  • What are the preanalytical variables that can affect urinalysis test results?
  • Factors Affecting Red Blood Cell Counts with the BD Vacutainer Plus Urinalysis Preservative (BD UAP) Tube
  • What is Hemolysis?
  • Why is EDTA the anticoagulant of choice for hematology use?
  • How to Process the BD Vacutainer® PST™ tube
  • Proper Handling of BD Vacutainer® Plus Citrate Tubes
  • The Importance of Properly Processing a BD Vacutainer SST™ Tube, Wall Chart
  • Sodium Citrate Adjustment for Elevated Hematocrits
  • OSHA's Position on Reuse of Holders
  • Tips for Urine Analysis
  • Tips for Plastic Coag Tube Validation
  • Differences Between K2EDTA and K3EDTA
  • Differences Between 3.2% and 3.8% Sodium Citrate Tube Concentrations